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WebGrab+Plus is a multi-site incremental xmltv epg grabber. It collects tv-program guide data from selected tvguide sites for your favourite channels.

SiteIni.Pack release

New: by Simon Nadger, uses google as primary search
Rev: rev 4 by Francis
New: variant of by Spitfires
New: Ukraine by Francis
New: Germany by Francis

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Upgrade release
/ 47

Build 46 crashes when using the postprocessor due to a bug in the newly introduced cleanup(tags=..)

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Upgrade release
/ 46

- bug fixed : order of xmltv elements in outputfile conform xmltv specification
- added : {cleanup(removeduplicates=type, matchingquality link="elementname""elementname")} , removes element values at the same index from the linked elements.
- bug fixed : added missing < and > as word separator char in extractproductiondate
- added : {cleanup(tags="string1""string2)} , removes the string between string1 and string2 including these
- added : switched to titlematchlev() in postprocess for subtitlematch
- loadcookie : cookies with a 'zero' expiry are now passed to the output cookie file

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SiteIni.Pack release

- Added, a Russion xmltv feed site
- Revision 3 of, adapted to site changes

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Upgrade release
/ 45

!! It may be required to install WG-Dependencies to install the required .net components for this build to work !
(If you have already installed a previous version of WG-Dependecies, uninstall this first)

- major update of the MDB postprocessor to allow series grabbing in and the series in
- added command select in operations
- fixed small bug in loop end counter
- added alloc attribute for index_site_id and index_site_channel to specify the target xml element in the channel file

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Utility release

This is a small utility that checks if all .net components, required by the Windows version of the program, are installed on your computer. If something is missing, it will automatically download and install the missing parts. It is also included in the MSI installer package, so normally you won't need this. However you can always run it again to verify or when the program reports missing .net components.

Update required for build 1.1.1/53.13

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Brought to you by Jan van Straaten

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