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WebGrab+Plus is a multi-site incremental xmltv epg grabber. It collects tv-program guide data from selected tvguide sites for your favourite channels.


To get a more general guideline where we should go with WG++ development.

Utility release

WG++SiteIni.xml is a User Defined Language (UDL) file. This file can be imported into Notepad++, to make Notepad++ highlight special WebGrab++ names.

Read the howto.txt for more information how you must do that.

Below, a before/after screenshot



With the MDB Postprocessor version 1.3, which is already part of WG++ since Beta build 1.1.1/53.2 it is possible to grab series episode data from Potentially this series episode data can contain the IMDb episode_id, the episode number, episode title and basically all other EPG data for the actual series episode that is available in IMDb. Before this only the generic Series data could be optained, there was no episode matching. 
To get this to work, a dedicated MDB ini is used,,  which is available in the MDB postprocessor section of the EPG Channels page: Since the MDB postprocessor main purpose is to add show details to the already grabbed (source) EPG, the shows in it must be matches with IMDb movies and/or series. For this new functionality to work, the matching algoritme uses the Series title in combination with the Episode title (sub-title) . Consequently, the 'source' EPG must at least contain this Series Title (like 'CSI: Miami') and Episode Title (like 'Last Stand') and preferable also some cast member.
The series episode data obtained by this can be mixed with- /added to - the EPG source data in the same way as is done with the MDB movies , using the REX postprocessor.
The existing functionality, adding movie and generic series data to the grabbed EPG data, is still available. For that the other MDB ini's can still be used. It is arranged such that both methods can be used in one run from the same EPG source file. It will automatically add movie data to movies and series episode data to series.
The Documentation page also contains a new section how to configure the MDB postprocessor
At this moment this functionality is only available for English language EPG data, simply because IMDb doesn't provided other language data.

Docs release

The latest Additions and Corrections of the manual

With :
New style argument values for new decoders and encoders for the command cleanup
New httpwebrequest headers
New Subpage number format
New Chapter describing the read-only elements
New span argument in removeduplicates
and .. more

Upgrade release
/ 52

- changed  : the index_variable_element is saved and kept throughout any following scrub and operation untill updated
- added    : cleanup(style=regex) adds all escapes to regex meta chars
- added    : regex in scrub accepts 'index_variable_element' as component
- bug fixed: the bug fixed :remove and replace accepts 'real' \ characters specified as \\ was not properly implemented
- bug fixed: index_duration was not properly formatted to the culture info used inside the program
- added    : log of OsVersion
- bug fixed: Mono runtime error wrt XPathstring containing /
- bug fixed: httpwebresponse was not closed
- changed  : httpwebrequest header accept-encoding= "gzip, deflate" is no longer default
- improved : timespan calcuations
- bug fixed: regex scrub accepts a \| as a 'real' |
- added    : remove and replace accepts 'real' \ characters specified as \\
- improved : unicode character sequence in cleanup handles also \\n, \\r and \\t
- added    : default default httpwebrequest headers accept-encoding, pargma and cache-control
- added    : timespan calculation
- bug fixed: trimmed regex scrub elements from leading and trailing |
- added    : support for SOAP web services (required for Schedules Direct EPG service)
- bug fixed: the captures in regex scrub were not added together.
- added    : url header credentials
- improved : urlshow and urlsubdetail will be empty "" if the grab part doesn't return a value
- added    : grab a local file in the indexpage with url_index {url|\\computername\path\filename}
- added    : servicepoint experiments in grab
- added    : cleanup arguments type=urlencode en urldecode
- bug fixed: Regex scrub was not enabled for single value scrubstring element like title
- improved : Regex Operations remove and replace using index and length of the relevant match
- added    : httpwebrequest method POST_BACK for url_index
- added    : suppages in channellist creation
- added    : index_variable_element accepts 'config_timespan_days'
- added    : url header 'customheader'
- added    : the max value in a loop may contain an element name


The manual is udated and covers all the new features like regular expressions, HttpWebRequest POST_BACK and SOAP and Timespan calculations. And all the other smaller improvements. Available on the download page.


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