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Build 57

Version V1.57.0 (same as Beta 56.29)

Beta 56.29
- update    : update the V2 version schema
- fixed     : when duration or stop without a date component is specified
              the date of the next start- and stoptime is sometimes 1 day off
- improved    : calculate(timezone=timezone_id) uses start or stop pattern when the element is any start or stop
- improved    : error and warning logging of calculate(timezone=timezone_id)

Beta 56.28
- changed   : date time calculation result uses the cultinfo from the siteini (not the currentculture)
- added     : default episodesystem "onscreen" if episode pattern is used and no system defined in siteini
- update    : new tzdatabase based on tzdata2016f
- fixed     : extracting preconditionals when episide pattern has multiple patterns

Beta 56.27
- fixed     : index_episode was processed while applying episode pattern to (detail-) or (subdetail_)episode
- fixed     : error that rejected a episode pattern that matched the one element minimum requirement
- Postprocess 2.02:
    - fixed     : a movie show that was also selected and matched as serie will not be updated in the target xmltv
                  because it's already updated as serie
    - fixed     : a serie show in ldb will be ignored for a movie
    - fixed     : a movie match with the same showid as a serie in ldb will be saved as a separate entry
    - improved  : logging of select (re)added in logfile and console

Beta 56.26
- improved  : datetime patterns in start and stop also supported for scrub and modify.
- added     : episodenum pattern support in scrub and modify
- update    : new tzdatabase based on tzdata2016e
- improved  : description will remain empty if composed of multi empty elements (was a single .)
- Postprocess 2.01:
    - added     : attribute lang support for subtitle and mdb-subtitle in REX
    - fixed     : when both episode-title and episode-num are in mustmatch
                  the mustnum is decreased by 1 to allow matching if only one of the two is matched

Beta 56.25
- added     : cleanup style htmlencodespecialchar and style htmldecodespecialchar
- improved  : cleanup converts html character entities (like ä) to the actual char by default
- added     : time pattern without date component
- fixed     : calculate 'indexof' @ , small bug that removed the first and last char of the inputstring
- added     : WG.common.xmltv containing (among others) episodenum class to validate and convert episodenum values.
- Postprocess 2.0:
    - MDB part:
        - added    : scopes, 3 levels; primarysearch, match and getelements
        - added    : for series, mustmatch of episode-num implemented, allows series episode matching with episede numbers;
        - added    : two new elements : episodenumlist and episodetitlelist
                that will contain all episodenums or episodetitles for the serie under inspection
        - added    : in mdb.config the element <episodenum_pattern> to describe the episodenumber format of the xmltv input.
        - added    : default settings for select and match in mdb.config
        . added    : MdbIniType in MdbIni to verify if a mdbini is of type "movie" or "serie"

Beta 56.24
- Postprocess 1.15:
        - added    : muti charset support (for primary search and mdbsite)

Beta 56.23
- fixed     : time pattern for nextstart was not properly implemented
- fixed     : in calculate, format=date,"formatstring", formatstring containing space was not properly implemented
- fixed     : correct error handling on page download fail
- fixed     : command select crashes if 'whathow' cannot be split in 'what' and 'how'
- fixed     : Time pattern handling for nextstart fixed
- fixed     : subpage calculations 64-bit
- fixed     : channel update with ' in the channelId
- added     : cleanup(style=base64decode), will decode a base64 encoded string
- added     : calculate(format=chartodec), will a character to a decimal value (padding with 0's until 3 digits, ma.255). If the element is longer that 1 char, it will concatenate all converted chars into one long string.
- Postprocess 1.14:
        - fixed     : retry run with series mdbini's failed due to leftover mdb_episode_id from previous first run
        - fixed     : mdb run fails (no config settins available)

Beta 56.22
- update    : new tzdatabase based on tzdata2016c
- fixed     : escaped config entries are causing problems

Beta 56.21
- added     : file:// now supports relative paths (relative from the siteini file)
- fix       : combi-channel fails if update=incremental
- fix       : a channel update value of "" means None and not Undefined
- update    : new tzdatabase based on tzdata2016b

Beta 56.20
- fixed     : failing incremental update on mode when xmltv_id contained a backslash

Beta 56.19
- fixed     : empty <update> resulted in no grabbing
- fixed     : adding better logging when identical revisions were found in the siteini header

Beta 56.18
- fixed     : broken incremental update
- fixed     : same_as broken after new config implementation (channel grouping)
- added        : extra config validation

Beta 56.17
- added        : calculate(timezone=timezone_id) Converts a time into another timezone
- added        : calculate(format=timespan,hours)|t1 t2 -} t1 and t2 times in decimal Unix, Java or ticks time format
- fixed        : date calculation if stop from detail (next date more than 1 day later)

Beta 56.16
- removed    : wget is no longer supported
- added        : <filename> can now be a relative path (seen from the WebGrab++.config.xml file)
- added        : channel grouping with <channels>
- changed    : Searching for siteini's now in fixed locations, WGHome (commandline or default), subfolder siteini.user and siteini.user
- Postprocess 1.13:
        - changed    : Searching for mdbini's now in fixed locations, WGHome(commandline or default) subfolder MDB, subfolder siteini.user
        and siteini.user
        - added     : <filename> & <ldbfilename> can now be a relative path (seen from the mdb.config.xml file)
        - added     : <filename> can now be a relative path (seen from the rex.config.xml file)

Beta 56.15
- update    : new tzdatabase based on tzdata2016a
- Postprocess 1.12:
        - fix : matchoptionals in series didn't work because the episode_id was not yet available

Beta 56.14
- fix        : crash during removing overlapping shows
- fix        : crash during cleanup(style=name)
- fix        : timespan calculations with integer values

Beta 56.12
- fix        : crash when no index_start or index_stop scrub was defined
- Postproces 1.11:
        - mdb_title will also be scrubbed if not in mustmatch list
        - Elementnames show_id and episode_id replaced by mdb_show_id and mdb_episode_id for mdbini's  SWMinVersion below 56.12
        - improved unselect options (accepts tags)
        - added mdb_temp_7 .. 9
        - allow loop {(each ..)}
        - IMdbElements added
Beta 56.11
- fix        : bug introduced in 56.10 (invalid "time parsing error")
- improved    : better recovery of guide data when error occurs during grabbing
Beta 56.10
- fix         : invalid "time parsing error"
- change    : now modifies, should not change the number of multi elements
            : just clear and remove(type=elements) should change that
- improved     : MDB 'mustcontain' and 'unselect'
Beta 56.09
- improved    : total timings
- improved    : datetime pattern, stoppattern doesn't default to startpattern anymore
- fix         : wrong channel numbering during logging (+ refactor the code)
Beta 56.08
- fix         : global_ issues in datelogo and postdata scrubs
- added     : xmltv time logging
- added     : times logging after string to time converge
- change     : in split titles to improve title matching
Beta 56.07
- PostProcess V1.10: logging improved, XPath bug fixed, mdb_production date improved
- update       : change some logging
- fix        : in SelectNodes , PostProcess, Xpath. Added Utils XPathEscapeDoubleQuotes
- fix        : in removeduplicates, keeplast
- fix        : HTTP header Accept default value to */*
Beta 56.06
- make cookie file reader more robust (now lines without expires are accepted)
- adding global_temp_1 -> global_temp_9
- speedup slow StringBuilder parts
Beta 56.05
- bug fixed: fixing failing siteini header parsing
Beta 56.04
Beta 56.03
-  same as 56.02, but now correct binary file
Beta 56.02
- bug fixed: file:\\ changed to the correct file:// URI. (local file failing on mono/linux)
Beta 56.01
- bug fixed in times with pattern that mixed up month and day
- added , command sort, sorting by datetime, e.g. sort(descending,datetime)

Release date: 
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
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