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Documented Configuration Files

Release info: 

small update of webgrab+plus.config.xml

What is: 

August 2022
- update of WebGrab++.config.documented.xml and mdb.config.documented.xml
Includes elements decryptkey and license
- update of mdb.config.documented.xml
Includes rebuild 'r' option of the ldb file and the option to use xmltv element names in select 'contain' and 'unselect'
- Applies to WG++ version (framework) and (dotnetcore) or higher

August 2020 : small addition to rex.config.documented.xml and mdb.config.documented.xml
applies to V3.1.1 beta and higher of WG++ including V3.0.0 of postprocess
see readme.txt for details of the update

June 2020 : small update of WebGrab++.config.documented.xml
see readme.txt for details of the update

Februari 2020 : updated all three.
for version 3.0.0 of WebGrabPlus

April 2019: updated all three .
for version 2.1.9 of WebGrab+Plus

May 2017: updated WebGrab++.config
for version 2.0.6 of WebGrab+Plus

March 2017: first issue

Content :
WebGrab++.config.documented.xml a documented version of WebGrab++.config.xml
Mdb.config.documented.xml a documented version of Mdb.config.xml
Rex.config.documented.xml a documented version of Rex.config.xml

These three xml files are standard configuration files that can be used for WebGrab+Plus if the addition .documented is removed from the filename. They differ from the example config files provided by the standard program installer in that they contain an explication of all the settings.

Release date: 
Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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