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1. Install WG++ in the ~/wg++ directory (see the Linux install documentation)

2. Make a script to run WG++ and update the MythTV database

Create a file called in the ~/wg++ directory and parse the next text into it

cd ~/wg++
mono WebGrab+Plus.exe  "$(pwd)"

make this file executable

chmod 755

3. Check if the script runs ok.

execute the script manualy


Check if all goes well.

4. Make this script run automaticly with a cronjob (eg. every day at 2:15)


crontab -e

then add next line to that file

15 2 * * * ~/wg++/

5. Download the tv_grab file for wg++ and save it as /usr/bin/tv_grab_wg++

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/tv_grab_wg++

6. Make the file executable

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/tv_grab_wg++

7. Run the grabber to check if it is working. You should see xmltv data during the run. Be sure that WG++ has already successfully grabbed EPG data.


8. Restart Tvheadend to view and select the new internal grabber: "XMLTV: tv_grab_wg++"



- If you have installed WG++ into another directory than ~/wg++, or you have changed the default output file (guide.xml) to anything else, just change the xmltv_file_location variable (second line in the tv_grab_wg++ file).



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