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I managed to get EPG data working and it works flawlessly ... but i have a problem loading channel logos from xml file

When i try to copy the icon src url it loads the logo only after i add http: in front and when i change & to &

I m not a coder so i dont really know how to change this... Maybe a little help from someone more experienced

TNx in advance

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see section 4.4.4 other url elements in the manual.

url-elementname {url(optional arguments)|leadstring|separator strings}

what ur looking for is the leadstring.

this is how u add the http: part to to these special elements


index_urlchannellogo {url|http:|separator strings}

you replace separator string with the actual scrub u use to get the logo info

regarding & 

& is a special character and needs to be encoded as such in xml files.when its used buy ur epg viewer its convered back to a &

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Tnx... Got it working 


index_urlchannellogo {url(scope=datelogo)|http:|<h1 id="MainContent_programsingle_h1title"|src="|"|</h1>}

and added a new line below showicon.scrub

showicon.modify {addstart(not "")|http:}



Maybe you should upload new ini file for anyone else having a same problem

Cheers :D

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