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Linux VPS - Gzip at end of webgrab Run

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Linux VPS - Gzip at end of webgrab Run

Hi Everyone, 

This may sound like a simple question but I have not been able to get this completed. 

I have the newest version of webgrab installed on my Linux VPS ,  finally after a couple of days created a working ini with all the channels needed. I have it set to complete incrementals and will have it run every other day.   I'm executing this currently via a cron job and it writes to the location I specify in an xml file. 

Is there any way to automate that after webgrab runs the incremental it will gzip the file into an xml.gz file?  

The only way I can figure to do so would be to have it run to the xml file and set a seperate cron hours later to gzip the .xml file. 

Any help would really be appriciated. 


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create a script to run webgrab and then zip the file.

then run that script via a crond job.

something like..


cd /root/WG/WG

mono WebGrab+Plus.exe "/root/WG/WG" 
gzip -cf tvguide.xml > tvguide.xml.gz


you save this as a being the filename.

this is a simple would have to change the paths and filenames.also dont forget to chmod 755 the sh file.

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Thank you for the instruction. 

As simple as it was I just never thought of it.   Bash to run a bash was not a concept in my mind. 

You have made my life easy . 


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