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Invalid cookie domain

I have installed WebGrab on my Mac and grabbing works fine. When the postprocess starts I got this error-message:
Error downloading page: Invalid cookie domain:
Pausing 4 of 4 times for 20 seconds before re-try.
This takes forever and is very annoying. 
I try to remove from mdb.config.xml with no luck, still same error. 
I think I have all the latest ini's and the latest version - 1.1.1/51/22
Any suggestions what to do?
Edit: changed to, also error message but a different one. Changed to and it works! 
Is it me or is there something wrong with and google ini-files?

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Is the support helpful?
support us

Could you just check if it is working with the latest beta version (current=V1.1.1/53.7)
Else could you upload your configuration (log, guide, mdb files (also the mdb.ini))

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