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ConfigMaker tool for multiple configurations

Like many others I want to have EPG on my satellite receiver and WebGrab++ seemed like great tool.
Since I'm also lazy I don't want to do all the hard work of channel mapping, editing configurations, etc.. over and over again.
Modifying/maintaining one "grab" configuration is not that much of a deal, but problems rise when you have multiple configurations to run. Constantly copy/pasting site keys, updating inis & xmls, checking paths. Unacceptable.
What I also learned was that many others have same problems.


WebGrab+Plus is a multi-site incremental xmltv epg grabber. It collects tv-program guide data from selected tvguide sites for your favourite channels.


Dear users,

If your license remains 'classic' despite upgraded to V3.0.2 beta, you have two options :
1. Be patient, as soon as your license will be updated (normally once a week) it will be set to the license you are entitled to.
2. If you don't want to wait, run the program one time in license update 'force' mode .
You do that by adding 'f' or 'force' to the license element in the config file :

<license wg-username="username" registered-email="forum email-address" password="password">f</license>

Also, when you still use a previous version of the program and experience license hardware (hw_id) mismatches or other hardware related license issues, upgrade to V3.0.2. To speedup fixing this use the license force mode as explained above. Remember to upgrade to V3.0.2 on both computers if you run WG++ on two computers!

!!! Don't forget to remove the 'force' mode after all of this! (This mode performs unnecessary license updates which will slow down grabbing)

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Program Release

Notice : No longer available due to security issues

This beta fixes a bug in the license section that disables necessary license checks,
resulting in 'permanent' message 'License check disabled by WG admin'

It further has an improved license hardware id (hw_id) creation and a more relaxed hw_id matching ,
which will reduce the number of false hw_id mismatches.

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The request for a License Password is no longer necessary. Every user that is logged in on the website can see and copy it from his user profile page.

On it its marked as ‘License pass code’.

There are several ways to open this user profile page :

- click on ‘my account’ at the bottom of each web page
- go to’username’
- click on your own user pictogram that shows left of any forum post you made

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Program Release

Notice : No longer available due to security issues

-- Fix of a securityprocol error that blocked access to some sites
-- MDB postprocess 2.10 with a few small changes that allow to use new mdb ini's soon to be published

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Build 3 ..
Unfortunately some stupid programmer left a piece of code in REX that , obviously, crashes under most conditions! Apparently it was only tested under the rare condition it doesn't crash .. blame on him!
... Oh , gosh, that programmer was me, Jan !! Again sorry ..

If you need REX, be sure you run this build of V3, if it shows "WebGrab+Plus/w MDB & REX Postprocess -- version V3.0.0.0 -- build 3" at the start you're OK.

Build 2 ..
Despite all the testing a last minute code change caused that the version update V3 published 21/03/2020 doesn't accept decryption keys.
It shows .. we are just human ... sorry for the inconvenience !!
Users who have already installed that faulty version must uninstall it and replace by the V3.0 build 2

Be sure you run this build of V3, if it shows "WebGrab+Plus/w MDB & REX Postprocess -- version V3.0.0.0 -- build 2" at the start you're OK.

A note about the new license option: License update and check is currently disabled for most users. That will set the program to the '...

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Dear users of Webgrab+Plus,

Despite the difficult times we all have to deal with ..

.. a new release, Version 3.0.0 is ready for you all. Apart from the regular fixes and improvements, the main change is how it interacts with the individual user. The purpose of this interaction is to give donating users privilege over regular/unregistred users, which we feel is fair. You might consider it the introduction of a 'license'.

Don’t get me wrong, this release will run as before and is compatible with all existing siteini’s, encrypted or not. WG++ and this 'license' is still free to use, but better performance and more options will be available for donating users. Moreover, newly developed siteini’s that we decide to encrypt, will not run anymore with older versions of the program and will only be available for donating users.

How does this work?
A ‘license’ update runs automatically at the start of the program and checks the user status from time to time. It provides settings of the program that correspond with the user status. If a user wants to benefit from his user status, he needs to enter his user_id (registered username plus registered email...

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