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time offset teleguide

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time offset teleguide

Good afternoon!
We have the following problem:
When the guide.xml is being formed, the time is shifted by one day.
The source is teleguide.info
How can I solve this problem?

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the data looks fine to me.

if your comparing your guide.xml to the website you have to remember the site shows the data in your local time but webgrab gets it in moscow time so you have to adjust for the timezone difference.

also check on the site {xx} line in your ini the timezone=settinng.

in my ini this was set to timezone=UTC+04:00 but it was not adjusting for DST,moscow it currently UTC+03:00 if i'm not mistaken.

change this to timezone=Europe/Moscow and the guide.xml will have the correct offset of +0300.

if you look amy my screenshot for this channel at the first program on the site..

05:05 Любовь не по размеру (16+)

my guide.xml

   <programme start="20171009110500 +0300" stop="20171009124500 +0300" channel="203">
    <title lang="ru">Любовь не по размеру (16+)</title>

so my local time is UTC-03:00 so if i adjust the time from the site(05:05)..

05:05 + 06:00(timeoffset difference between my local and moscow) = 11:05 moscow time(same as guide.xml shows)


i remove my screenshot as is wasnt big enough to see any details.



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