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Siteini.pack on GitHub

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Siteini.pack on GitHub

Many users wanted to contribute to the Siteini.pack. Currently this was done through our forum and mail. Keeping the siteini.pack up-to-date this way, is a huge task.

Therefor we have moved a copy of the current version of the Siteini.pack to GitHub (thanks for the tip awiouy). That way, anyone can make pull requests to the pack.

This should make it possible to keep track of the changes in time and free us form the hassle to search for updated/new siteinis.

The link to the repo is:

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With some of the .ini files being updated in the donor area and not on GitHub, how do we deal with conflicts between those .ini files? Let's say a NOT donator wants to pull a request on GitHub, but in the donor area there's a newer version of the ini.

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we are updating siteini.pack, in donator area you will find only the keys

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