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Shows and movies confusion

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Shows and movies confusion

Hi Jan,
Thanks a lot for continue your excellent work with WebGrab+!
I have a problem since the last update (I think), Beta 54.6: the mdb postprocess confuses movies for shows and shows for movies. 
Se example here, Hell´s Kitchen is no movie:
Movie: 216/6500

"Hell's kitchen" +  (2012) + "" .. no result!

Done in 1,49 sec


And here, Under siege 2 is no serie (tv-show) but at least if find the right entry anyway:

Serie: 7902/8631

"Under belägring 2" +  (1995) + "Geoff Murphy" .. found Show_id 0114781?

Matching entry found in local MDB, showid = 0114781

ShowId = 0114781

Title = Under Siege 2|Dark Territory|Under belägring 2


- And also, there is a lot of shows that ends up with no result. This leads to enormus amount of time for the process to try to find something that isn´t there. It takes 5-6 hours now compared to 1,5 hour before.

It spends 1,5 seconds per show and movie that can´t be found and I have 8000 tv-showentries and 6500 movie-entries. Of these 14500 entries I have 5900 no result x 1,5 seconds = 2,5 hour instead of 5900 found show_id x 0,6 seconds = 1 hour. 

(I know I can fetch less days of epg but I just love to see 14 days of epg, ok? angel


Like this, a fairly known tv-shows...:

Serie: 7080/8631

"True blood" +  (2014) + "" .. no result!


Serie: 938/8631

"Grey's anatomy" +  (2009) + "" .. no result!


Here is my mdb.config.xml Selection and match: 

<selectmovie duration="55" minumum="3" musthave="title" contains=" " optional="productiondate,actor,director"/>

<selectserie duration="25" minumum="3" musthave="title" contains="serie,soap,thriller,comedy,drama" optional="productiondate,actor,director"/>


<matchmovie mustmatch="title" optional="productiondate,actor,director" minimum="2"/>

<matchserie mustmatch="title" optional="productiondate,actor,director" minimum="2"/>


- One last thing: all of a sudden my own <desc> shows double entry of "IMDB-betyg" as follows: 



  <programme start="20140816054500 +0200" stop="20140816081000 +0200" channel="TV4 Film">

    <title lang="sv">Will Hunting</title>

    <desc lang="sv">IMDB-betyg: 8.2/10 - Good Will Hunting 

IMDB-betyg: 8.2/10 - Good Will Hunting 

Amerikanskt drama från 1997. Stökige Will är bara intresserad av att umgås med sina polare, men en professor upptäcker att han är rena mattegeniet. I stället för att dömas till ett fängelsestraff får Will chansen att göra något vettigt av sitt liv. , Skådespelare: Casey Affleck, Minnie Driver, John Mighton, Cole Hauser, Stellan Skarsgård, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon.</desc>


My mdb.config.xml file settings:

<desc>{IMDB-betyg: 'mdb-starrating' - }{'mdb-title'} {\n'description'}{\n'episode'}</desc>


I catch all my epg from, if the problem is within the ini-files?

I attached the mdb.config.xml and dagenstv.com_.ini


Hope you can help me out!


Best regards, Niklas



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