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[POLL] On what should the WG++ developers focus on?

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[POLL] On what should the WG++ developers focus on?

To get a more general guideline where we should go with WG++ development.

More sites to grab from
24% (15 votes)
Better documentation
14% (9 votes)
Better MDB grabbing
8% (5 votes)
Create GUI frontend
32% (20 votes)
Postprocessor (EPG translation)
13% (8 votes)
Postprocessor (other)
0% (0 votes)
Their own live (WG++ is already perfect)
2% (1 vote)
Something else ... (give more detail below, in a reply)
8% (5 votes)
Total votes: 63
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Thanks for writing and sharing such a great program.
If you do have time for further developments it would be great if you could add support for the UK Atlas grabber:
Hi lisa,
I've moved your request to the correst subforum. (see

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I’ve been trying to develop my own site.ini for and not having much luck even with such a detailed reference manual.
This site has very detailed show information for the Australian viewers and it seems just under the surface. I just can’t get my head around the .ini layout, if someone could attempt it I would be grateful for the result and very interested seeing the working .ini.
Cheers, Sean.

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I would have wanted to vote for both the GUI and the postprocessing translation, but since I had only one vote I went with the latter.
Yet, another reason for voting for the latter was that GUI functionality would have to be clarified.
Ideally, one would be able to type in the name of the channel and, upon being presented the options found, when clicking them you would have an option to pull the current day sched, or even the next few hours sched in order to verify that the sched is the correct one. Of course, that will have to include a way to adjust the time automatically, based on the local time.
[EDIT]: Note that I do agree that the title translations should be done in conjunction with IMDB, if possible. But where such linking/ mapping is not possible it would still be OK to just get a translation. On the other hand, and this is something that I've done as my own workaround, most good guides include the original name in a secondary line.
I've modded the ini for and was able to get these showing up at the top of my listing - which for now seems to be a reasonable workaround.
Also, and I will have this mentioned in a separte posting as well, if possible, it should be possible to have listings from the same post, but in different timezones/ cities.
In US you have multiple cities and right now I can't figure out a way to get listings for getting listings from various local TV versions of say PBS or CW.
At this point zap2it limits you to just one postal code. If there is a solution it should be part of this GUI solution. Thanks

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I too voted for some form of GUI. You could also alternatively run a webservice on your website which can generate the appropriate content for the epg grabber config file.

The Freeview service in the UK moves its channels around every so often and/or changes channels available. A generator would help users to get of the ground with using the program faster.

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Better linux support please. At the moment its cpu usage is very high.

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As a user, this application is desperately needing a GUI! wink
As a developer, I am finding it very hard to work without having a proper syntax and usage reference and constantly going up and down through the pdf, trying to find and remember how this or that are used.
But I voted for the GUI, because the users are more, so they have the priority... smiley

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Hi, I thought about few useful features:

1) An option to get a reduced verbosity with a simple percentage output of the process (I want to create an xbmc plugin that monitors the the epg update).

2) The ability to suspend the process and resume the download after a while (I know that it's easier to stop the program and relaunch it but, if the process takes too much time, downloading again the entire guide it's a waste of time if the timespan is little).

Just two ideas, thank you so much for this great software!

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after closing timefortv have in Germany all EPG-sites bad quality.
From the site you can download a xml-datei (germany.xml or other countries), which you can import as tvguide.xml. This file containes a lot of german Tv-channels, without serie- and episode-numbers. Another tool Episodes2TVGuide searches the numbers in TVDB.
I need only the german dvbt-channels. Episodes2TVGuide searches the numbers for all channels in the xml-file (1,5 hour).
Is it possible to use WebGrabPlus to choose the needed channels? Can you create a site.ini to choose channels in a xml-file?

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I had voted for more providers, but in total, i think developers should focus on GUI if they want to attract more people to this project.

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We need a GUI, and More sites to grab from.

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A proper linux program is needed, windows exe through mono is not the best solution.

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My request: Logs level ( Info, Warning, Error/Critical )

A switchable level of log info. Sometime running webgrab you have a lot of useful info into log, but sometimes this info are useless and make logs hard to screen. Kind of "selection switch" would be very helpful:


in the log do not show  "CHANGED show corrected / corrected"

show only "no shows in indexpage!"

show only "[  Debug ] Error"

show WARNINGS   [Warning ]   !! -- WARNING : doesn't allow epg grabbing !!
[Warning ] it is advised to disable this channel / site from your channel list [Warning ] 


[Critical] Generic syntax exception:
[Critical]    message: 
[Error   ] no index page data received from
[Error   ] unable to update channel, try again later

This will be very helpful to identify which site.ini has a problem without going thru pages of text logs.


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A (64-bit) Linux native code will be great. Open-sourcing WEBGrab+Plus will certainly be great.

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