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No shows indexpage

Hi there, 

I have been using Webgrabplus for a while and it's been great till recently.
Normally I grab epg from (I am from Spain) but the list doesn't cover all my needings and I have tried with no success to add channels from other sources, and adding xml's and ini's and modifying the config file.
With I get the same message for all channels:

no shows in indexpage!

Cannot find any shows on the Index Page !

And with


Error downloading page: the request timed out!

On both cases I have the last ini's and xml's.
Does anyone knows why am I getting these errors?


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Hi cere

It's probably because the pages format changed (design change of the provider). Then it needs a rework of the related ini file.
Until this did somebody, you should try out another provider instead (and track here, post a request with providers name in the ini section)

Greetz from Switzerland - Chris

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