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I made a utility

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I made a utility

Not sure where to post this so popping it here. I've put together a tiny .net 6 console app that will remove those annoying news programmes they put in the middle of movies. It will take the xml output file from webgrab, process it and overwrite it removing all these 5 minutes shows.

It also has an exclusions json file to prevent it sticking legitimate short shows together and wiping out entire programmes like in this example

news > programme > news

In this instance, it would glue together news and make a giant news programme and delete the one in the middle. Adding news to the exclusions json will stop this behaviour.

If this is of use, I can slap it on github and post the link here if that's allowed.

I tried to do this with the webgrab config but could not find a way to do it. I tried using the skip feature but that just removes the annoying shows from the guide leaving a gap.

Cheers and happy new year

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