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Error installing on Windows 8

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Error installing on Windows 8

I'm having problems installing WG on my new Windows 8 system, see attached screenshots.
I just ran the install.bat (as Administrator).
Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Did some experimenting:
I opened an elevated command prompt using the taskmanager and manually navigated to the directory where I downloaded the WG stuff.
When starting install.bat this way, everything worked and WG was installed properly and the WG program icon was placed on the desktop.
However, when I clicked this icon another error appeared: see attachment error4.
I updated WG to the latest version using the patchexe.bat (just clicking it with the "run as administrator", no need to go to the command prompt).
I tried again clicking the WG icon, but now also rightclicking and using the option "run as administrator".
Now WG was working and started to grab EPG data.
Everything went fine until somewhere in the postprocessing where WG seemed to hang itself, see attachments error3 and error5.
Please note that I am doing this all on a freshly installed Windows 8 system (64 bit) having only 1 user defined (myself) that has administrator priviliges.
Is WG not meant to be used yet with Win8 or is there something wrong with my system setup?
I have previously used WG on a Windows XP system (I'm a big fan of WG!) and had none of the above problems there.

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Is the support helpful?
support us

Well WG++ uses .NET.
So I think that this should be no issue for W8.
What I see is that you have trouble with the permissions. I'm not an expert on that side.
From error4, I see that you WG++ doesn't have access to the log file in "C:\ProgramData\ServerCare\WebGrab"
As a quick fix, you could move all the files from "C:\ProgramData\ServerCare\WebGrab" to a dir called for example "EPG" in your "My Documents" in that case you should have access to that directory.
Then just call WG++ (even without "run as administartor")
"C:\Program Files\ServerCare\WebGrab+PlusV1.1.1\WebGrab+Plus.exe" "C:\Users\Francis\Documents\EPG"
We will have to look and see why it's not working for W8 out of the box.

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There's a good chance Win8 is overly protective with the programdata folder (even may have it hidden)
Take a look here:
I've seen error3 happening also, but that is not related to this progamdata path issue I believe.

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Hi, I'm new to this forum.

I'm having a similar problem --- I'm running Windows 8.1. Following the advice above, I installed WG++ using an elevated command prompt.

The way around Win8 protectiveness over a subfolder in the ProgramData folder is:- Right click the folder (Server Care) -> Security -> Edit -> Add => "Everyone". That removes the "Special Permissions" check.

BUT, here's my problem - WG+ fails even when I run the "dummy" channel and ini. (Img1)(Img2)

Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at WebGrab.SiteIni.UrlBuilder(ChannelToUpdate chan, Int32 day, Int32 pagenbr at WebGrab.Program Boolean subpage) at WebGrab.Program.Main(String[]  args)


Needless to say, everything works perfectly in Windows 7, but the machine with the TV Server - where I need the need the tvguide - is running Win8.

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