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Custom EPG

Hi guys,

I have Xream-codes on a linux server with an epg service so I never needed to create my own EPG or grabber. Currently, I have open source Youtube streams and I wanted them to have some sort of EPG because it looks better.

I made a main.xml file and installed in the xc server as a guide service and it works perfect but I have to update the dates manually daily. Since there is no site or ini, how could I utilize webgrab to update it daily or is there a simpler way like a command line that will update those dates within the xml file since the program information will remain static.

So basically, I want these youtube stream channels to display a simple message every hour, day after day.

The simple XML file is attached.

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look in your siteini.pack/misc folder at the fixed.ini
there is also a fixed_info.txt file that tells you how to use it.

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