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Problems with Windows 81. and Webgrab+Plus 2.1

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Problems with Windows 81. and Webgrab+Plus 2.1

Hello, good morning from Spain!
First of all, I want to express my gratitude and respect and admiration for the TUTORIAL ( -titan-te-teach-a.224554 /) about the Use and Configuration of "" Webgrab plus "" PEEEROO ...

As of today, July 13, 2019, with the NEW version of the program "" Webgrab Plus "" ( Version 2.1 I believe or suspect that there is a problem ...

In the first place, with the official installer, even if you change the installation path for any other, it does NOT accept it and finishes installing the program where he wants; secondly, when you finish installing and when you ask if you want to open the container folder of the program to configure it, then it opens another folder or path totally different from where it should be installed at first; and third, the program on its own, (and based on the first versions of it, install or create other folders in the path C: \ ProgramData \ ServerCare \ WebGrab) and it seems that THAT folder and the other folders to be installed create or cause conflict and the program CAN NOT be executed ...

So, PLEASE, could you TRY / TRY to download the latest version (2.1) and install it (without changing anything in the installer options) on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system and try to use the program "normally" ?? I can not make it work (following ALL the steps of your Tutorial ( -te-enseno-a.224554 /) and ALL the steps of this other Tutorial (


PS: I assume that to run the program, you must double-click on the "WebGrabPlus" icon but then ... what's the "Run" icon for?

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Install the latest version here :
For the icon find it in the "programs" right click and add to desktop or add to start bar.As far as location you can install or copy the exe to the path you need like C:\epg\webgrab or wherever you want, the important is to have config and siteini pack in the same folder.
You can run with double click.
Here the documentation:

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