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Software history

20/04/2024 - V5.1.5 (beta)

Needs .NET 8.0 runtime ... Windows users running Windows 11 fully updated will have everything already installed to run this. If not and for LINUX / OSX check

This beta contains rewritten code for the MDB and REX postprocess parts that handle how the xmltv target file is updated. It also improves the MDB processing.
Beside that several fixes and improvements , See changelog.txt for details.

Github alternative download


05/01/2024 - V5.1.4 (beta)

several bug fixes and additions. Improved logging of license
see changelog.txt for details

26/09/2023 - V5.1.3 (beta)

Several bug fixes of version 5.1 and beta's 5.1.1 and 5.1.2
See changelog.txt for details

15/09/2023 - V5.1.2 (beta)
(this beta is not needed for Windows !)

Solves a security protocol problem in LINUX only:
- error downloading page: The SSL connection could not be established -
Uses the same source code as 5.1.1 Beta, the updated installer adds a custom openssl.cnf
29/08/2023 - V5.1.1 (beta)

- A fix of REX/MDB postprocessor that now allows full function of element title
- Improved PostProcessor Plugin :
* - finds the executable in home subfolder Postprocess_Plugins
* - supports .dotnet executables in Linux (and Windows)

18/08/2023 - V5.1

Build 2 of version 5.1 .. 'quickfix' to correct a small bug that caused an error in siteini's that contain an if or a loop operation

14/08/2023 - V5.1

Upgrade to .NET7
Some minor fixes and additions to the grabber section.
Complete rewrite of the updatexmltv section of REX and MDB
see changelog.txt for more details

26/09/2022 - V5.0.1 (beta)

This beta is built in DotNet 6. It has the same functionality (+ some) as beta 4.2.4

04/07/2022 - V4.2.4 (beta)

Last .NET5 based version. See changelog.txt

26/05/2022 - V4.2.3 (beta)

A more mature version of the DotNet variant .. among the many fixes , the introduction of a new grabengine based on the Httpclient class . This fixes the slower speed of this distro wrt the V3 version .
See changelog.txt for the full list of fixes and additions.

For more info about this variant see the detail added to the 4.2.2 release ..

23/03/2022 - V4.2.2 (beta)

This new distro of the program is build in .NET5 ('core'). See
(version 3.x.x is build in the legacy .NET Framework 4.8)

The windows version of this runs as normal .. and should run on most Windows versions. Installing it will replace the existing V3.x.x version (But it is recommended to uninstall it first)

The Linux (OS-X, Raspberry Pi, Synology NAS) variant needs Microsoft 'DotNet' runtime version 5 to be installed. There are numerous instructions how to do that on internet.
It will not run in Mono !!
To allow an easy path to migrate to it, installing it will create it in a separate bin folder ( that allows to run this version ( or the legacy version 3.x.x ( from the same wg++ home folder and the same config file .

It has the same functionality as the 'legacy' 3.x.x version, and updates and bugfixes of version 3 will also be implemented in 4.x.x . New functionality will preferably be implemented only in version 4.x.x .. unless ..
The license part however has an additional option that will list a 'license data overview' in the wglicense.log file . It contains the all donations, available credits and expiry dates.

26/09/2022 - V3.3

Final stable version build in .NET Framework 4.8 .. Will not be upgraded anymore
For upgrades use version 4.2 or higher

03/07/2022 - V3.2.5 (beta)

Fix of Brotli encoded WebResponse and a start-time from detail page error

26/05/2022 - V3.2.4 (beta)

See changelog.txt for all the additions, bugfixes and updates

21/03/2022 - V3.2.3 (beta)

This beta comprises quite a lot of addition , improvements and bug fixes. Especially also in the mdb postprocessor.
Among others it allows grabbing with multipart form data httprequests . See the changelog.txt file for a complete list of all changes .
It is recommended to update to the latest siteini.pack

19/09/2021 - V3.2.2 (beta)

This beta uses the same source code as beta 3.2.1 (besides a few small fixes, see changelog.txt for that)
The difference is that some of the components in 3.2.1 are build in a newer version on .NET (.NET Standard 2.0) which is not supported in some Mono distro's.
For this beta the .NET version of these components are 'degraded' to .NET Framework 4.8, which will run on most Mono distro's

28/07/2021 - V3.2.1 (beta)

'Quick-fix' beta to solve the crash described in the IMPORTANT & URGENT NOTICE on the home page

!! It is recommended to download the latest siteini.pack after upgrading to this beta !!

02/07/2021 - V3.2

Same source code as V3.1.8 beta
- simplified source code
See changelog of beta 3.1.8
removed : xmltv test project
removed : reference System.Web and System.Web.extentions = depreciated
changed : the system.web members htmldecode and urldecode to webutitlities namespace
changed : in license custom license remains inactive when no valid donator_license
added : option to specify a channellist name , e.g. c3-Cannada-East
added : auto channelcreation option for multi step channel creation , specified with c1, c2 etc in channel update

05/05/2021 - V3.1.8 (beta)

removed : xmltv test project, not in use
removed : reference System.Web and System.Web.extentions, depreciated and replaced by System.Net
changed : the System.web members htmldecode and urldecode to the webutitlities namespace
changed : in license custom license remains inactive when no valid donator_license
added : option to specify a channellist name , e.g. c3-Cannada-East
added : auto channelcreation option for multi step channel creation , specified with c1, c2 etc in channel update

!! It is recommended to download the latest siteini.pack after upgrading to this beta !!

17/03/2021 - V3.1.7 (beta)

No longer available ..

!! Important program update for users with a custom license in case the license settings fall back to standard donator settings!!

- includes the latest timezone data base from
- see changelog.txt for details

!! It is recommended to download the latest siteini.pack after upgrading to this beta !!

26/02/2021 - V3.1.6 (beta)

No longer available ..

- MDB Postprocessor 3.0.4 fix of missing elements expanding in scrub, regex and primary search headers.
- License : a few fixes of rare cases.
- see changelog.txt for details

!! It is recommended to download the latest siteini.pack after upgrading to this beta !!

19/01/2021 - V3.1.5 (beta)

No longer available ..

- MDB postprocessor 3.0.3 which fixes several issues and adds functionality to use the new mdb.ini's that use IMDb as primary search.
- Fixes a problem with scrambled license data with accented characters that causes hw_id matching errors
- see changelog.txt for more details

!! It is recommended to download the latest siteini.pack after upgrading to this beta !!

20/11/2020 - V3.1.4 (beta)

No longer available ..

This beta introduce a new postprocess feature ... plugin

It allows to run an external executable after the frontend grabbing
This can be used to change or add certain parts of the xmltv file depending on the nature of the external executable.

At the moment of this 'plugin' introduction, there are two plugin executables available :
- add_logo .. which can change or add channel logo's to the xmltv file
- xmltv_time_modify .. which can change /correct the start and stop time if the shows in the xmltv file

For other changes and improvements, see changelog.txt

It is advised to download the latest siteini.pack together with this beta!

28/10/2020 - V3.1.3 (beta)

No longer available ..

This beta contains two major improvements :

1. the way it stores response and external cookies and issues request cookies during the process of all http requests for a certain channel.
2. license user data stored online will be scrambled for extra security for every user that runs this beta.

17/10/2020 - V3.1.2 (beta)

No longer available ..

This beta fixes a few bugs in PostProcess 3.0.1 that caused the program to crash when series have no complete episode data.

It also fixes a few small shortcomings in the license handling and reporting and a bug in expanding of postdata headers.

25/08/2020 - V3.1.1 (beta)

No longer available..

This beta's contains postprocess V3.0 which main feature is the restoring the ability to match tv-series data in your xmltv with IMDb series data. That ability was lost quite some time ago when IMDb changed how its series episode data was organised. For it to function the latest revision 8 of MDBini is needed!

A few other additions/fixes of Postprocessor 3.0 :

fixed : a crash when a multi value element has no attribute in the last of the elements (REX & MDB)
added : subpage list for all mdb_url's (needed to get a complete list of all series episodes)
fixed : incorrect folder name for MDB and REX and for mdb.config.xml (linux trouble)
added : mdb_episode will be automatically converted to the site episodesystem value
fixed : match episodenum in ldb if ldb and xmltv episodenum have different episodesystem
added : operation max_elements in 'allocation and presentation' section of REX and MDB config

This beta also automatically removes the license force mode after it ran.

16/06/2020 - V3.1

No longer available

09/05/2020 - V3.0.3 (beta)

Notice : No longer available due to security issues

This beta adds the 'custom' license option that allows personalized license settings
.. and fixes a few things, see changelog.txt

15/04/2020 - V3.0.2 (beta)

Notice : No longer available due to security issues

This beta fixes a bug in the license section that disables necessary license checks,
resulting in 'permanent' message 'License check disabled by WG admin'

It further has an improved license hardware id (hw_id) creation and a more relaxed hw_id matching ,
which will reduce the number of false hw_id mismatches.

05/04/2020 - V3.0.1 (beta)

Notice : No longer available due to security issues

-- Fix of a securityprocol error that blocked access to some sites
-- MDB postprocess 2.10 with a few small changes that allow to use new mdb ini's soon to be published

21/03/2020 - V3.0

Notice : No longer available due to security issues

V3.0 Build 3 : Read V3_fix on the home page and
Read the Intro_V3 on the home page and
changelog.txt for technical details

04/09/2019 - V2.1.11 (beta)

This beta is no longer available

added : check and log of subpage headerlist values errors (only integers, no 0, not > number of headers sets)
added : default subpage headerlist {list|} which ignores all header sets except the first one
fixed : bug in url file mode , must start with // or file:// (was \\)
added : option to use a global element in a subpage.format {list|'global_element'}
new : grabengine overhaul, completely rewritten.
It solves the problem of save and reload of cookies, e.g. in method POST-BACK
new : temporary re-introduction of grabengine as sitedependant element
added : new grabengine supports 'Brotli' compressed stream decompression
fixed : method=POST was not overwritten with later methods with other value
fixed : if no headers specified , always take the defaults

10/07/2019 - V2.1.10 (beta)

This beta is not longer available

fixed : crash when no headers are specified
fixed : logging of exceptions shows meaningful stacktrace
added : different headers sets for subpages, (-needs more testing!)
fixed : crash when no subpage header list is specified
added : header-set log
fixed : converting to other timezone inverted the timespan used to correct the time

added : Boolean operators & (and) | (or) ^ (xor) and ! (not) to be used in RPN style boolean preconditional expressions
added : 'if' operation to enable multiple scrubstrings under the same condition
added : 'else' operation als part of 'if'
added : nesting of 'loop' operation(s) as part of an 'if' operation
added : nesting of 'if' operation(s) within a 'loop' operation

fixed : operation calculate, added inputvalue>> to start of operation string if not there
fixed : removed logging of special operation of config_timespan_days
changed : all (5) projects of WG++ are targeted to .net 4.7.2

- Postprocess 2.08 REX
fixed : operations max_char, max_words not properly implemented

Enjoy Jan van Straaten

12/04/2019 - V2.1.9 (beta)

This beta is no longer available

This beta solves a problem in the Linux distro with beta 2.1.8

!! Beta 2.1.8 is no longer recommended and not available anymore !!

All other changes and additions are the same as they were in beta 2.1.8 :

changed : timespan definitions and implementation --integers are minutes, decimals are hours

added : 'legacy' mode for timespan, if MinSWversion < legacy mode as in V2.1.5

added : special timespan handling of 'config_timespan_days' , converts to days as default

fixed : regex pattern for encrypt message , handles the normal date variants

changed : decryption is based on new init vector, requires re_encryption for encrypted siteini's that run in beta 2.1.7 !!

- Postprocess 2.07 REX :

fixed : elements containing certain string values (used as placeholder for control chars) were 'pruned'

added : <file-name> in rex.config can contain a variable 'source_file' that will take the
value of the xmltv source file name (without .xml) plus text elements e.g. :

added : the option to do certain operations on the element value to expand e.g:
<desc>{Summary: 'description[cleanup(style=upper), max_chars=500]'}{\nActors: 'actor(, )'}</desc>
supported operations : cleanup with style and tags aruments, max_chars, max_words and max_sentences

14/03/2019 - V2.1.7 (beta)

This beta is no longer available

- added : handles SiteIni encryption with expiry date set
- improved: title match procedure removes any attributes added to the title value
- fixed : method SOAP
- fixed : method POST_BACK
- added : control elements from site{} line episodesystem, subtitlestype and ratingsystem,
can be expanded to their value by 'site_episodesystem' , 'site_subtitlestype' and 'site:ratingsystem'
- added : SiteIni scrubstrings before site {} are blocked
- added : channellist creation through channel attribute update="c" in config
- added : decryption of encrypted SiteIni's
- added : config element 'decryptkey' to enter userkey for decryption
- fixed : timespan h:m was treated as d:h in some cases
- improved: timespan input value decimal hours will convert to h:m or d:h:m
- fixed : strange timezone parsing issue
- update : new tzdatabase based on tzdata2018i

!! There will be no Beta V2.1.6 in case you wonder ..

19/06/2017 - V2.1
This version is no longer supported, use V3.1 or higher

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