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Introducing Postprocess Plugin

This postprocess option introduced in V3.1.4 beta, allows to run an external executable after the frontend grabbing.
In theorie such an executable will simply do what it is designed for , even if it is not related to webgrabplus or xmltv files. But it makes sense to use this to modify or correct the xmltv file created by the frontend grabbing.

It is easy to configure, in the webgrab++.config :
<postprocess run="y" grab="y or no">name_of_plugin_executable any_number_of_commandline_arguments</postprocess>

It is allowed to add more than one postprocess plugin or in combination with the standard MDB or REX
Like :
<postprocess run="y" grab="y">MDB</postprocess>
<postprocess run="y" grab="n">add_logo.exe in:mdb_guide.xml out:mdb_guide_logos.xml logos:my_logos.txt</postprocess>
<postprocess ... />
It will run all of them , one after the other. (But .. It will always run MDB or REX first!)

For available plugins , see

Worth mentioning is xmltv_time_modify, designed by user harry_gg !!. This has all the combined functionality of wg2mp and xmltv_time_correct and more!

Another one is add_logo which can replace or add channel logos to the xmltv input file.

For users looking for some programming .. if you have an idea for such a plugin .. why not make it!
Suggestion : a plugin that translates parts of the xmltv data , like the description etc

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