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WebGrab+Plus is a multi-site incremental xmltv epg grabber. It collects tv-program guide data from selected tvguide sites for your favourite channels.


And finally we have a cross-platform IDE that fills our needs. Atom is the name. It is highly extensibility and has now a WebGrab+Plus package available.
Documentation is worked on, but currently a small portion of the syntax is highlighted. Updates will follow as new features will be added.

Quick start:

  1. install atom
  2. add the package (just search for webgrabplus-atom)
  3. open a siteini
  4. result should be something like below

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Many users wanted to contribute to the Siteini.pack. Currently this was done through our forum and mail. Keeping the siteini.pack up-to-date this way, is a huge task.

Therefor we have moved a copy of the current version of the Siteini.pack to GitHub (thanks for the tip awiouy). That way, anyone can make pull requests to the pack.

This should make it possible to keep track of the changes in time and free us form the hassle to search for updated/new siteinis.

The link to the repo is:


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Upgrade release
/ 57

Version V1.57.0 (same as Beta 56.29)

Beta 56.29
- update    : update the V2 version schema
- fixed     : when duration or stop without a date component is specified
              the date of the next start- and stoptime is sometimes 1 day off
- improved    : calculate(timezone=timezone_id) uses start or stop pattern when the element is any start or stop
- improved    : error and warning logging of calculate(timezone=timezone_id)

Beta 56.28
- changed   : date time calculation result uses the cultinfo from the siteini (not the currentculture)
- added     : default episodesystem "onscreen" if episode pattern is used and no system defined in siteini
- update    : new tzdatabase based on tzdata2016f
- fixed     : extracting preconditionals when episide pattern has multiple patterns

Beta 56.27
- fixed     : index_episode was processed while applying episode pattern to (detail-) or (subdetail_)episode
- fixed     : error that rejected a episode pattern that matched the one element...

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MDB postprocess V2.0

The latest WG++ beta 1.56.25 contains a new version of the mdb side of the postprocessor. Here a detailed description of the changes and features:

The biggest change for the user is the new option to match series with the episode number. This besides the already available matching with episode title (sub-title). This allows a series episode to match with a mdb-site (e.g. or entry of the series episode with either the episode title or the episode number.
​Other changes are, defaults settings in mdb.config and the intro of MdbIni types.
​This new version of the MDB postprocessor needs the last (also updated) MdbIni's

​For more, read

enjoy     Jan


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With a lot of small additions of new features. To name a few:

  • ​A chapter (7) with a step by step guide of how to develop a new SiteIni
  • New modify commands : 'Set' and a 'Foreach .. Loop'
  • Role attribute for the xmltv actor element
  • new xmltv elements 'url' and 'country'
  • new 'global' elements
  • improvement 'time' elements scrubbing

Get it from the download page @

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Upgrade release
/ 55

Version V1.1.1/55 (same as Beta 55.27)
From Beta 55.27
    - PostProcess V1.9: added mdb-category
    - bug fixed: issue on Mono with PostProcess (MDB and REX) during removing of elements
    - improved: Date/Time Pattern to take into account the sites Culture info
From Beta 55.26
    - added: xmltv elements url (= program url) and country
    - added: argument pattern= to specify a non standard start and/or stop time result from scrub.
    - bug fixed: problem with include and/or exclude arguments in scrub
    - ProgramInfo: add initialization check
    - Logger: don't log to file, if no file was set
    - bug fixed: error on cleanup/keeplast, when no info is found
    - added: static ProgramInfo class. Contains info (author, fullname, co-author, ...)
    - move some common stuff to WG.Common
    - adjust minor logging
    - An interface can never have attributes on its properties. So declare them on the real classes
    - fix manifest issues (after renaming)

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