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Windows 10 instalation isues

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Windows 10 instalation isues

I am new to all this im current running an iptv panel and need the epg to work with this

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Can you explain the issue`s your having?


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i"m also new to this and want to try it in windows 10 before i run a linux server.

I was wondering if there is like an example setup/howto with 1 channel so that i know how it works and will than make my own config.

To have a working epg xml the webgrab program needs to run on a 24x7 server right ?

If somebody has an example for me with like 1 channel (for example npo 1 or another dutch channel list) please let me know, since i see so many files and info that it's hard to know where to start.

Aren't there ready made epg's for the dutch channels by the way ?  i know the site cheapwhiskey used to run a public epg but thats blocked now.

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