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I have had many pm's relating to things that are not a personal message,example ini requests.

i have since disabled pms because of this and of lately i have totally given up on ini's.

i did mingle in the iptv for a bit and found it pretty much useless(although it did work good at times).

i no longer use any service so longer have a need to keep ini updated.

i used to enjoy doing this but rampid webgrab abuse has forced me to not contribute in any way.

i realize this hurts all,the honest user and the ones who use it for other purposes.

unfortunately there is no way to tell the difference between the two so no more support from me.

someone always find a oppurtunity from someones idea of let it be free and i for one am not feeding them the sources to do so.

i should also mention that many choose to use the providers because the cannot be bothered to do the work themselves to obtain the data with webgrab.

let them post their ini's...

surely they wont mind loosing business.

i am considering some way of real help creating ini.i think everyone should know the basics of doing this.

once u have that the rest comes with experience and time.

this will do away with the above situation.




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Everyone should be greatful for all the work you have put in over the time here creating ini's and all round support, ill speak for all the decent ones around here in thanking you 

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The setup made by the authors unfortunately didn't work. Git was the common oppurtunity "free and opensource" to have updated site.inis, create, collaborate for a growing community. Someone that was helped to learn, turned into his own private business, as well as others using and abusing the work done by this community for their money revenue without even contributing to the authors of this community.  I am not sure there is a solution to this problem. 

As you can see the entusiasm is gone, i have seen some posts where "I have this ini working, pm me" so why not post the ini ?  The answer is we all scared it gets abused and site will close access as gracenote did or create a very difficult access (tv2go docet)

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