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Merry Xmas and happy new Year

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Merry Xmas and happy new Year

my first poem..

Came the time of the grabbing while most were asleep
The network was chatting with bytes and beeps

Webgrab had started and soon logged "OK"
The grabbing of data will soon be underway

Soon is was done and rex came on board
To fix all the data by order of it's lord

The file was written with the most special care
For the quality of the data had to be there

The windows all closed and exited away
Waiting to be called upon on another day

With the guide reloaded and nothing to do
To sleep did the grabber and i hope you do to!

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let's hope another day will come soon 

may be another day or another moon

the New Year will come soon

may be before the new shining moon.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all users. Don't drink and drive, be safe smiley


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Not much of a poet here...

Nevertheless.. Happy New Year to all! And special thanx to Blackbear199 and mat8861 for helping me when stuck.


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