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MDB finds content but does not associate with xmltv

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MDB finds content but does not associate with xmltv

Good afternoon,

I started using the MDB recently and after breaking my head trying to configure it seems like it's working. Almost all of the movies have been added to my guide.xml but there are several that have not been found, an example of which are the movies that can program the channel, Ex: Cine, Session and then the name of the movie.

Another problem is that some movies are being localized in IMDB but they do not match the name in xmltv, I do not know what that might be, I have no idea how to fix this.

The last problem is that the series are not being located at all. I use the site to get data from epg and I noticed that the data of seasons and episodes are inserted automatically in the title of the program, there is no way to remove it, I attached print below their site.

I need to find a way to remove the names of the seasons and episodes so that MDB can find the name of the program, or some other suggestion.

Sorry for my english, I'm brasilian.

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