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Epg for Android xbmc

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Epg for Android xbmc

please can anybody tell me how generate epg for croatia but for android smartphone

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Is the support helpful?
support us

Don't know if anybody has tried that. (Don't know if it is even possible, without code changes).
So I think you can go 2 ways with this.
1. check if you can run .NET programs on android. (something like mono for linux, but then for android)
2. If you are connected to some network, where you have a server/NAS/HTPC/... you could let one of those devices run WG++ and you could automatic copy the generated guide.xml file to your android platform, where you load it into your XMBC setup.
By the way, is XBMC for android a full application, or is it just a frontend to another backend service? If that would be the case, I think you must look at the backend service and not the android frontend application.

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You could support Android, iOS and Windows by compliling your app with Xamarin ( It should be free of charge in your case as well. wink

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can someone compile the wg++ code for android and publish the app so all others can use it?

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Yes Ill try to compile it from the visual mac studio just need code dont think its open source

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As the code is not open sources its matter of the devloper to his code from

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